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John Matland | Press Release | May 12th

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

May 12, 2022


STATEN ISLAND, New York, May 12, 2022 – On Tuesday May 3rd, John Matland’s suit against an objector from the Malliotakis team was officially heard in Kings County Supreme Court. This initial hearing was adjourned until June 7th, to await a decision on new district maps and if the petitions in question would still be relevant /applicable. The ruling would decide if “Staten Island” is a valid entry for “town or city in which witness resides” (stated as such on NY BOE official documents), thus allowing Matland ballot access.

Yesterday the Supreme Court of Steuben County made a key decision to accept valid petitions already submitted, to satisfy ballot placement for the August primary. With the filing period now to begin June 8th, a court decision less than 24 hours prior, would be sub-optimal for campaign operations. John Matland represented by Aaron Foldenauer, Esq. have started the process to request an earlier date for the hearing.

John adds, “We believe the court will clear this up as we followed the voter information supplied by the NY BOE. This is a last ditch dirty effort by the Malliotakis team to go unopposed in the primary, but it comes with the cost of disenfranchising the constituents in our district. So I trust the court will render a decision in favor of the thousands of people that signed for me to appear on the ballot.”

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