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John Matland | Press Release | Apr 9th

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Apr 9, 2022

Battling it out. John Matland STANDS STRONG to appear on ballot against cryptic BOE requirements and multiple filed objections of his THREE THOUSAND PLUS signatures.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - 4/9/2022 - On Monday, John Matland, Republican Congressional Candidate for New York's 11th district, submitted an 827 page petition, complete with 3,510 signatures (2000 over the required 1250 signatures) with the Board of Elections. This signifies an overwhelming eagerness for something new.

John recounted his experience petitioning for support, "Nicole's disapproval among the Republican base is palpable. Four long years of failed representation from both parties is evident in our district. During this experience, voters have told me they do not want either Malliotakis or Rose. I went door to door and have encountered endless dismay about our representation, reaffirming my decision to take this responsibility on."

 John echoes his constituents, “We The People of The United States of America are done with career politicians”. The time has come for real representation and John Matland will answer that call.  

John, a former healthcare worker of 18 years, has stood by fellow healthcare and city workers in the fight to preserve, protect and defend our rights, while other politicians avoided taking a side due to fear of alienating their voter base. Real representation forges freedom forward at all costs and District 11 will finally be well represented.

The campaign is currently remedying issues the BOE has determined with the original filing. Legal representation has been employed to assist in this process.

As of today there are 3 objections to challenge John’s petition. John and his team are prepared to battle with rigor, against the establishment to restore the people’s power in our government and eliminate corruption.

John is accepting campaign donations through his website to protect your voice and finally put a stop to the corrupt establishment.

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