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John Matland | Press Release | Apr 26th

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Apr 26, 2022

John Matland to take legal action after BOE disregards official NY voter information, removing him from the ballot

NEW YORK - STATEN ISLAND (“the town” as per the NY State Government) 4/26/2022 - On Tuesday April 26th, the Board of Elections disqualified 3,510 signatures submitted by John Matland in a gross display of corruption. The board deemed the field for “town or city where witness resides” to be filled out incorrectly thus disqualifying the signatures. The witnesses filled this field in as it appeared on their voter information as per the NY State’s official search. The BOE didn’t address or accept this rebuttal, instead opting to disenfranchise the constituents of NY District 11 and remove Matland from the ballot.

The Matland campaign will be pursuing this matter legally, represented by the Law Office of Aaron S. Foldenauer and will have the court weigh in on the decision. Matland says, “This attempt to disregard the will of the people for change is being watched through out the nation. We believe a court ruling will swiftly cure this outrageous decision rendered by the BOE. The court system is where we try to find justice and relief from political hogwash - we believe it will do just that. NY State refers to the town as Staten Island on the voter registration of the witnesses. We followed the legal registration and we believe the court will easily see this and rule in our favor.”

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