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John Matland | Press Release | Apr 22nd

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

May 12, 2022


STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK - 4/22/2022 - On Wednesday, 4/20 an objection with specifications was filed with the Board of Elections by members of the Malliotakis team, attempting to disqualify all 3,510 signatures for John Matland. This is an attempt to silence 3,510 people from access to vote for their candidate of choice. Republicans of District 11 are disgusted with the lengths the incumbent is willing to go to avoid a show down in the primary. Voters will not forget this and they can smell the fear coming from the Malliotakis campaign.

Nicole Malliotakis is trying every attempt to block John Matland from appearing on the ballot, as she knows her constituents are eager to replace her.

John adds, "It is politics exactly like this that has created an atmosphere of disgust among voters nation wide. They want to vote and get true leaders to represent them, instead we get teams of people looking to survive and cling to their percieved power. They DO NOT care about their constituents, period. The establishment wants a rematch between Malliotakis and Rose, two proven failures that they can control. We do not even believe this objection with specifications was filed legally according to election law. They are challenging petition volumes that were not amended, 16 days after the fact. We firmly believe the last day to challenge our petitions legally was 4/13. This is a Hail Mary in the political playbook attempted during garbage time of the petition season and all it really does is show how deeply out of touch Nicole is with her constituents. We believe the BOE will declare this a late submission according to election law and put it in the trash where it belongs. I do wish they did not kill so many trees in printing this ill fated objection, in a blatant attempt to stop this movement, a movement of We The People here in District 11."

The battle wages on and John Matland is confident he will appear on the ballot.

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